Your special personal property deserves special insurance treatment. You can go a long way toward assuring that by specifically listing your property and its value on your homeowner policy. For example, you may have collectibles, antiques, fine art, jewelry or firearms that you want to insure at a fixed value.

Your coverage is as special as your valuables

  • You pay no deductible when you have specifically insured an item. However, you may qualify for a premium credit by selecting a deductible.
  • Your settlement after a total loss is based on the value that both you and Steele Insurance agreed upon when you insured the item. Depreciation does not decrease the amount of your settlement. You can receive a maximum settlement up to the agreed value.
  • Your valuables are covered at home or anywhere in the world, unless specifically excluded by the policy.
  • You may qualify for a premium-saving package credit when you also insure your primary residence with Steele Insurance.