Umbrella Liability

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued for a million dollars or more. You can increase your peace of mind with Steele Insurance Associates’s Personal Umbrella Liability Policy. It provides increased personal liability limits to pay claims above and beyond the dollar amounts covered by your primary auto or homeowner insurance policy.  It’s easy to imagine:

  • You have a momentary distraction while driving.  Even the best driver may cause an accident with serious injuries and property damage.
  • Your swimming pool attracts both invited and uninvited guests, regardless of the tallest fence or the most thorough precautions.
  • Your teenager, while driving friends to a school event, is involved in a major accident.
  • You injure a water skier while boating.

You can take steps now to prevent the resulting lawsuits from leading to hardship for your family. Consider these additional benefits available with Steele Insurance Associates’s umbrella liability policy.

  • Worldwide Coverage. Steele Insurance Associates’s personal umbrella liability policy covers you for personal liability while you are anywhere in the world.
  • Package Discounts. You save money, earning a valuable premium-saving credit when Steele Insurance provides both your umbrella and your homeowner policy.
  • Increased Liability Limits. Most primary insurance policies have only basic coverage amounts that may not fully protect you. Steele Insurance Associates’s personal umbrella liability policy raises your coverage amount available to respond to a suit or claim against you. Coverage limits start at $1 million. You can add coverage limits in $1 million increments to address your specific needs.
  • True Umbrella Liability Coverage. Unlike an excess liability policy, Steele Insurance Associates’s umbrella may provide coverage on a first-dollar basis when the primary insurance policy does not respond to certain claims or allegations.