Tenants / Renters

Our Tenants Policy for renters covers:

  • your personal property
  • improvements to your unit for which you are responsible
  • your additional living expenses should your unit become temporarily uninhabitable because of covered damage
  • legal liability that you or your family have for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury to others, while on or away from your premises

Rental Property

When you own rental property, it pays to keep Steele insurance agent up to date. Together, you can make sure insurance is in place to cover your one- to four-family rental properties:

  • your rental dwelling and other structures on the premises
  • your personal property at the rental dwelling
  • fair rental value and additional living expense, should covered damage make all or a portion of your rental dwelling unfit for normal use

You may add personal liability and medical payments coverage to protect you in the event another person is injured on your rental property.