Contractors / Truckers

When a contractor works on another person’s property, there are risks involved. Contractors can sometimes damage personal property or may even be injured while performing the work. Companies and individuals that hire contractors want to be certain that they will not be held liable for injuries, damages or substandard work. For this reason, they will frequently request to see a certificate of insurance.

Whether you are a contractor who needs to present a certificate of insurance or a hiring company who is requesting to see one, you can get assistance from Steele Insurance Agency.

What Is a Certificate of Insurance?

A certificate of insurance form is a standardized document that provides evidence of insurance coverage. It will include the contractor’s coverage types and liability limits. This certificate also lists the effective date of the policy.

Why Is a Certificate of Insurance Important?

If you hire a subcontractor who causes a large amount of property damage, your company can be held liable for these damages. Even if the terms of your contract with the subcontractor clearly state that insurance coverage is mandatory, you could be sued if the coverage simply isn’t there. This is why you must ask for proof if insurance coverage.

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